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GETECH - Semi-automatic Router - GSR2280


The GSR series standalone routers are designed to be high performance and cost-effective solutions to meet your PCB depaneling requirements. The system allows continuous routing without stoppages and has a user-friendly software that allows the user to program the routing paths within minutes. Key components are protected from dust and dirt to increase machine performance and lifespan.

GETECH - Semi-automatic Router - GSR2280

The GSR2280 is a dual workstation standalone router and is known as the world’s fastest router with a cycle rate of only 0.3 seconds per tab.
It can accommodate larger PCBs with paximum panel size of 550mm x 585mm (21.5” x 23”). Equipped with Getech’s new Graphical User Interface, “Move, Teach & Cut”, the GSR has a user-friendly visual programming experience for rapid and accurate machine control.
Key features

  • Dual tables
  • High-speed routing
  • High accuracy and quality cut
  • Manual loading/unloading
  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Universal or dedicated fixtures and top clamp lifter available
  • Safety protection enclosure cabinet with internal partition
  • Rigid fixturing and easy replacement
  • High-resolution camera
  • Powerful dual vacuum system
  • CE certification (option)

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications


Panel size

550mm x 585mm

Panel thickness

0.4mm – 8.0mm

Panel component height

12mm (Subjected to review)

Accuracy or repeatability

±0.1 mm

Machine dimensions (W x D x H)

1670 mm x 1620 mm x 1700 mm


Getech Automation was established in 1992 to focus on developing and manufacturing machines and systems to meet key needs of the PCBA and Semi-conductor industries. Today Getech has evolved to become a major producer of machinery and automation systems used by the Tech Manufacturing Industry.

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