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GETECH - Fully Automatic Inline Router With Board Handling - The RBM


GETECH - Fully Automatic Inline Router With Board Handling - The RBM

The RBM is a sophisticated and versatile fully-automated dual station de-panelling system. It is fitted with an auto conveyor width adjustment feature and also has various other tools to optimise the routing process based on your workflow.

Key Feature:
•    High routing speeds up to 100mm/sec
•    Positioning speeds up to 1400mm/sec
•    Two independent work stations
•    PnP arm to transfer de-panelized board to further automated EOL operations
•    Automatic tool change (optional)
•    High-speed water-cooled spindle
•    Advanced tool management including tool life monitoring, tool wear compensation, and tool break detection
•    Vision assisted jog and teach facility for cutting tool paths

The routing process

The RBM provides the link for a fully automated End Of Line processing. A typical sequence starts when the input conveyor receives a PCB panel. The panel is then shuttled to one of the two parallel routing stations and located onto the fixture ready for routing.

Whilst the first panel is being routed, a second board is received and shuttled to the second workstation where it waits for the first board to be routed.

After separation, the off load Pick and Place PnP accurately transfers the boards onto the next workstation ready for further EOL operations.

The RBM features user-friendly "visual" programming with the use of a camera to view the board from the perspective of the routing bit. Coordinates for straight lines, curves and interpolated profiles are taught by physically moving the routing bit to the specific coordinates, and then "teaching" the machine this position.

Software features

The Getech control software operates on a Windows® operating system, and incorporates full programming functionality with an easy to use operator interface offering:
•    Diagnostic tools, multi-level password protection
•    Advanced tool life management, including tool broken sensor, tool diameter compensation, tool life optimization
•    Tracking of aberration in the spindle cooling system
•    Definable distance routed for vacuum filter bag and tool bit change
•    On-line vision assisted point to point manual teaching
•    Editing function, including dry run vision assisted / test run mode, copy and paste


The unrivaled performance of the RBM is achieved by the use of advanced precision manipulators on all four axis offering:
•    Extremely high speed linear motion, and repeatability
•    Maintenance free AC servomotors
•    Heavy duty pre-loaded re-circulating ball guides
•    Power off brake on the Z axis to prevent the axis from falling under its own weight
•    Complete PC based control, incorporating a high end motion control card

PnP unloading

The PnP arm uses an array of anti static vacuum pads to pick up both the boards and panel frame from the fixture, the frame is then dropped into a waste bin and the boards are accurately placed onto the next work station ready for further operations.

Ergonomics and safety

The RBM is designed to provide a user-friendly machine. The welded base structure with glass fiber canopy, fitted with ESD safe Perspex windows, and raising doors, provides for a safe, fully enclosed machine.

Technical Specifications




320mm x 250mm


0.5mm – 2.0mm

Component height

12mm (Subjected to review)

Speed and accuracy


Non-routing speed



+/- 0.1mm

Cutting speed

12mm (Subjected to review)

Machine information


Dimensions (W x D x H)

1.65m x 1.50m x 1.62m



Getech Automation was established in 1992 to focus on developing and manufacturing machines and systems to meet key needs of the PCBA and Semi-conductor industries. Today Getech has evolved to become a major producer of machinery and automation systems used by the Tech Manufacturing Industry.

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