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GETECH - Automatic Router - GAR1200


GETECH - Automatic Router - GAR1200

The GAR1200 is an in-line router machine specially designed to route (depanelize) large panels with PCB size up to 350mm x 310mm into individual units. It is a fast, space-saving, and accurate machine designed for high volume production with minimal operator participation. It has two worktables. While one of the worktables is in high-speed routing operation, the other worktable works with the robotic P&P module to unload boards and load the new PCB panel. This gives us 100% operational uptime without the issue of load/unload time.

Using a high-resolution CCD camera and GAR user-friendly Windows-based software allows users to program the routing paths in minutes. There are also no limitations in the number of programs stored. GAR1200 uses high-quality components and a welded steel structure to ensure rigidity and high performance. All the axes and linear guides used are protected from dust and dirt to increase lifespan and performance.

Technical Specifications



350mm x 310mm


0.5mm – 8.0mm

Component height

Top max. 10mm
Bottom max. 20mm

Speed and accuracy

Non-routing speed



±0.1 mm

Cutting speed

100mm/sec max

Machine information


1.75m x 1.45m x 1.70m


Also available as a single worktable for larger PCBS.

Getech Automation was established in 1992 to focus on developing and manufacturing machines and systems to meet key needs of the PCBA and Semi-conductor industries. Today Getech has evolved to become a major producer of machinery and automation systems used by the Tech Manufacturing Industry.

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