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Solarius - 3D Metrology - Viking


Solarius - 3D Metrology - Viking

The Viking is an optical non-contact profilometer for affordable 3D surface and roughness measurements. Its small footprint and lightweight design make it ideal as a desktop 3D measurement tool. It is designed to meet mid-range accuracy and quality control needs using state-of-the-art sensor technology to generate 3D surface topography maps and ISO-compliant roughness information.

  • Short learning curve and fast setup
  • Non-destructive 3D quality assurance
  • Automated 3D surface metrology
  • Measurement report generator 
  • Fast replacement for tactile systems
  • ISO-compliant surface roughness measurements

Viking’s productivity benefits lie in its easy-to-learn user interface allowing it to quickly set up 3D optical inspection procedures. New operators spend less time learning to use the system and more time making measurements with it. Once an optical inspection and analysis sequence is set up, performed, and saved it can be recalled and reused at any time.

Technical Specifications

Lateral Working Range

150 mm x 150 mm

Vertical Working Range

200 µm to 55 mm

Lateral Resolution

1 µm up

Vertical Resolution

0.1 nm up


For further details, please refer to enclosed brochure.

Solarius is a leading provider of precision systems for non-contact surface inspection, measurement, analysis, and visualization. Our products combine high-resolution sensors with automated data acquisition systems and powerful analysis tools.  Augmented by our international partner network Solarius takes care of an installed base exceeding 2,000 active metrology systems worldwide.

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