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Solarius - 3D Metrology - Polarius


Solarius - 3D Metrology - Polarius

HIGH-END 3D surface metrology for MOST DEMANDING measuring tasks on COMPLEX surfaces

The new Polaris Desktop 3D surface measuring system from Solarius enables highly accurate and precise 3D imaging of surfaces. While the Polaris and the Polaris Plus are equal in accuracy and precision, the Polaris offers a cost-effective variant for many applications. The Polaris Plus expands the scope of application due to its extensive equipment, which supports in particular simple automation of the measurement tasks.

Key Features:

  • Highest optical and digital resolution
  • Diffraction limited imaging
  • Reliable technology
  • ISO-compliant roughness values
  • Non-contact measurements
  • Maintenance-free and robust

Sensor Types:

  • Confocal area sensors
  • Interferometric area sensors

The Solarius Polaris 3D measuring system is based on the spinning disc confocal technique, proven over many years. In the design and calculation of the optics, great importance was attached to a physically optimal diffraction limitation ofthe optical system, which allows for accurate, precise and repeatable lateral measurements even in structural areas far below one micrometer.

Technical Specifications

Lateral Working Range

150 mm x 150 mm

Vertical Working Range

400 µm to 100 mm

Lateral Resolution

70 nm up

Vertical Resolution

0.1 nm up


Solarius is a leading provider of precision systems for non-contact surface inspection, measurement, analysis, and visualization. Our products combine high-resolution sensors with automated data acquisition systems and powerful analysis tools.  Augmented by our international partner network Solarius takes care of an installed base exceeding 2,000 active metrology systems worldwide.

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