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PBT Works - PCB Cleaning - CompaCLEAN III


PBT Works - PCB Cleaning - CompaCLEAN III

For customers with preference of traditional dishwasher style machine, CompaCLEAN provides the type of cleaning many are accustomed to while minimising the shadow effect thanks to unique linear tangent spray technology. PCBs are loaded just like plates into a typical kitchen dishwasher.

  • Application: Standard SMD Assemblies. 
  • Capacity: Medium Volume
  • Contamination Solubility: Easy to Moderate
Cleaning Technology 
Cleaning quality requires perfect filtration and minimal cross contamination.  Every PBT cleaning machine uses separated closed loop with dedicated pump and filtration system for each individual process step
Technical Specifications

Machine dimension (WxLxH)

940 x 1700 x 2140 mm

Weight (without liquid)

440 - 485 kg

Machine noisiness

LA < 70 dB

Power supply voltage

3 x 230 V / 400 V, 50Hz

Power input

15 - 21 kVA


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  PBT Works ranks among the world’s best known manufacturers of cleaning technology for electronic assembly and tooling. We keep up with the latest process innovations in microelectronic assembly and so we are able to offer many customized machines based on end-user specific requirements. Our mission is to implement research ideas into the most up to date equipment.

PBT Works is a Czech company with its own manufacturing facilities. 
Thanks to our 30-year tradition we gained a great deal of practical experience. Therefore, our machines and processes, which may often be considered extraordinary, became to be widely accepted.

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