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ATV - Vaccum Reflow - SRO 714 TCB

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ATV - Vaccum Reflow - SRO 714 TCB

ATV’s successful SRO-71X series IR vacuum reflow oven is the heart of ATV’s reflow soldering principle. Our ATV-TCB, Thermal Compression Bonding is also based on which this system is developed. The Single Cold Wall Process Chamber approach is a standard on itself and is also applied for the ATV-TCB which fulfills all your process requirements.

Our Thermal Compression Bonding system has an isostatic press in combination with an elastomer membrane. This patented technology gives you the opportunity to use a maximum pressing force of 0,5MPa over 150 mm Ø. This pressure can be gradually built up to the desired process pressure under which you want to perform your process. With our applied membrane technology you will not be faced with product shifting from start to finish. Another advantage for our technology is that you may process simultaneously products which have a different topography. This will have no influence on the expected final process results.

Also in this tool ATV uses all its know-how of the cold wall technology in combination with the IR heating concept, vacuum assembly as well as formic acid atmosphere to achieve the prefect solder joints you need for a reliable product. Working with the ATV-TCB you will notice that programming is easy and with the 100 step programming steps you will be able to fine tune your process in such a way that a process success is guaranteed.

Key Features

  • Viewing Window
  • Membrane Assembly  ≤ 5 bar Gas Pressure
  • Safety Alarms
  • Formic Acid Supply Assembly Two Gas Supply Connections

Technical Specification

Footprint760 x 960 x 1.800 mm (L x W x H)
Weight240 kg (minimum configuration)
Working Height950 up to 1080 mm adjustable
Heated Area217 x 227 mm; Ø 160 mm for the bonder configuration
Chamber Lid Open/ClosingAutomatic lid closing/opening and locking/unlocking
Heating MethodPID-controlled IR lamp array heating principle of heated plate
CoolingPID-controlled cooling with Nitrogen

ATV Technologie GmbH is a global company established in 1982, specializing in microelectronics and manufacturing and distributing vacuum soldering devices and processing ovens. Their team of engineers and physicists designs and develops high-quality, customized solutions for universities, laboratories, and production companies. ATV has extensive experience in creating process systems with precise temperature control and homogeneity for semiconductor technology and microelectronics, with a worldwide network of representatives for sales and service.

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