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ATV - Reflow Soldering - SRO i-Line

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ATV - Reflow Soldering - SRO i-Line 

The all-new and groundbreaking SRO i-Line is a high-volume production tool used for vacuum reflow soldering. Implementing this tool within the ATV single-chamber approach will help to fulfill all your current and future demands. Since 1982 ATV‘s single chamber approach has proven equally successful in the R&D and pilot line production market.

With more than 550 devices in use worldwide, ATV is ready to step into high-volume production with its brand-new SRO i-Line. This system can easily be upgraded from the basic one-process chamber version to three process chambers all within the same footprint. Each chamber is individually programmable to perform its own process. This allows for the most flexible solution within your production.

Key Features:

  • High Throughput
  • Short Cycle Times
  • Formic Acid
  • Process Temperature Up To 450°c Temperature Ramp-up Rate 3k/sec.
  • Temperature Cool-down Rate 2k/sec.
  • Excellent Temperature Uniformity
  • IR Heating
  • Small Footprint (No Footprint Change Up To 3 Process Chambers)

Technical Specification

Footprint1.600 x 1.800 x 2.050
(Up to 3 individual Process Chambers)
Weight1.000kg (1 Process Chamber)
up to 1.500kg (3 Process Chambers)
Hot Plate410 x 440mm
(1 Hot Plate/Process Chamber)
IR HeatingAssy of 18 IR lamps (1KVA each)
Power Connection3Ph-N-PE 230/400V, 50/60Hz
Peak Power20KW (1 Process Chamber) 58KW (3 Process Chambers)

For further details, please refer to enclosed brochure.

ATV Technologie GmbH is a global company established in 1982, specializing in microelectronics and manufacturing and distributing vacuum soldering devices and processing ovens. Their team of engineers and physicists designs and develops high-quality, customized solutions for universities, laboratories, and production companies. ATV has extensive experience in creating process systems with precise temperature control and homogeneity for semiconductor technology and microelectronics, with a worldwide network of representatives for sales and service.

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