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ATV - Reflow Soldering - SRO-716

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ATV - Reflow Soldering - SRO-716

The ATV SRO-716 series standalone IR vacuum reflow ovens are the benchmark for R&D, low-volume pilot line, and medium-volume batch production. The system produces high-quality results with outstanding process stability and repeatability. Configuration-dependent, process capabilities include flux-less soldering, eutectic die attach, gold tin soldering, void-free soldering, hermetic lid sealing, formic acid processing, and flip chip soldering, etc.

Key Features:

  • Small Footprint, Freestanding Vacuum Reflow Oven
  • Touch TCs with Quick Swap Hotplates
  • Maximum Temperature 450°C, (optional 700°C)
  • Temperature ramp-up rate 3.5K/sec
  • Up to 100 process steps per profile recipe
  • Automatic Chamber Opening / Closing
  • Optional Top Heating
  • Heated Area: 314 x 314 mm
  • Oxygen < 1 ppm
  • Optional High-Pressure Atmosphere: up to 3 bar (abs)
  • Formic Acid, H2, or Solder Paste Activation

Technical Specification

Footprint960 x 760 x 1800mm (LxWxH)
Weight240kg. (minimum configuration)
Chamber heightup-to 100mm
Heated area314 x 314mm
Chamber lid open/closingautomatic lid closing/opening and locking/unlocking,
Heating methodIR (12pcs. Lamp Array)
Heating Zone3 Zones

For further details, please refer to enclosed brochure.

ATV Technologie GmbH is a global company established in 1982, specializing in microelectronics and manufacturing and distributing vacuum soldering devices and processing ovens. Their team of engineers and physicists designs and develops high-quality, customized solutions for universities, laboratories, and production companies. ATV has extensive experience in creating process systems with precise temperature control and homogeneity for semiconductor technology and microelectronics, with a worldwide network of representatives for sales and service.

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