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AMADA - Fiber Laser Welder - LF Series


AMADA - Fiber Laser Welder - LF Series

The LF Series fiber lasers offer the precise control needed for small component welding and fine precision cutting of metals. A large touchscreen pendant enables clear visibility of process schedule parameters, and an intuitive interface enables quick and easy programming.

  • Spot sizes down to 10 microns
  • Penetration depth beyond 0.06 in (1.5 mm) in metals
  • Fine, high quality cutting of metals
  • Excellent power stability
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Touchscreen

Micro welding – The laser is available in either single or multi-mode configuration. Precise control of the laser's pulse width and peak power enables fine micro welding processes. Penetrations up to 0.06 in (1.5 mm) in steels, titanium and nickel alloys are possible using continuous mode operation.

Precision cutting – LF Series fiber lasers can achieve focused spot sizes down to 10 microns providing the ultimate non contact cutting tool. High beam quality and high frequency enable high speed precision cutting of a range of metals.

Spot and seam welding – 10 segment pulse shaping enables best quality spot welding results. Ramp up and ramp down feature controls welding results at overlap.

Excellent power stability – Fine applications require high stability of the laser source for reliable processing. The LF Series offers excellent power and pulse to pulse stability with an internal air-to-water cooling mechanism which maintains stability irrespective of ambient air temperature.

Touchscreen pendant – High definition 8 inch touchscreen pendant facilitates fast and intuitive laser programming.

Accessories – Full range of focus heads including inline, 90 degree with process viewing via a camera, and through the lens illumination options. Ultra compact heads are also available if space is a premium.

Technical Specifications

Optical parameters


Laser specification


IR (1065 +/- 5 nm)

Operation mode

CW or modulated

Maximum output power

Up to 500 W

Dynamic range

10%-100% of full power

Beam quality

Single mode and Multi-mode (50 µm core*)
*Larger core diameters available upon request

Positioning guide beam

On axis, built in visible laser (Class 3R)

Pulse modulation

Square pulse
Up slope, down slope
10 segment pulse shaping



Laser specification

BDO (beam delivery optic)

QBH compatible (divergent beam) - collimated beam also available for <500 W power

External communication

RS232 / external I/O


200-240 V +/-10% single phase


No external cooling up to 500 W

Operating temperature range

5-40°C (41-104° F)

Operating humidity range

5%-85% (non-condensing)


Dual channel IEC13849-1 compliant

Fiber length

6 m (standard) - other lengths upon request





  AMADA WELD TECH is part of the Amada group and known as an innovator in finding creative joining and metal processing solutions. 

AMADA WELD TECH is the market leader in developing, building and servicing systems, machines and components for Laser Welding, Laser Marking, Laser Cutting & Processing, Resistance Welding, Hot Bar Bonding, Micro Arc Welding, and Hermetic Sealing. We design and manufacture industry-leading product families for the global market. These product families include OP-AWS3-A, EZ-Air, Jupiter, Markermotion, NH Series, UF Series and Weld Checker. Our legacy brands MIYACHI UNITEK, MIYACHI PECO, MIYACHI EAPRO and MACGREGOR will be united into one brand: “MIYACHI”.

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