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Schleuniger - Cut & Strip Machine PowerStrip 9580

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The PowerStrip 9580 processes a wide range of applications and impresses with its modular, flexible and retrofittable machine concept. Excellent production output with high-precision processing characterizes this automatic cut & strip machine.

  • Innovative machine control for high productivity and process reliability
  • SmartBlade system for quick changeovers of entire blade cartridge sets within seconds
  • Simultaneous activation of multiple axes
  • Powerful servomotors for high feed rates and pull-off forces
  • Toolless guide changeovers
  • Compatible with MES CAO via SMG Server and CAYMAN software


The PowerStrip 9580 automatic cut & strip machine was designed with a focus on high-precision processing, excellent production output and a high degree of production flexibility. Powerful servo drives ensure fast feeding speeds and high stripping forces. An intelligent control unit guarantees short cycle times and repeatable high-quality performance. A sophisticated safety concept, short changeover times and modern, intuitive machine operation round off the exclusive machine profile.

Discrete wires with cross sections up to 70 mm² (2/0 AWG), shielded cable and complex multiconductor applications can be processed in one automated operation. Processing modules, such as the programmable cutter head system, rotary incision unit and moveable right exit guide allow you to configure your PowerStrip 9580 according to your application requirements now or in the future.

The optional cutting unit, including the SmartDetect quality monitoring system, prevents defective cables from being incorporated into an end product. The sensor-controlled system monitors the complete stripping process in real time, detects any contact between stripping blade and the inner conductor and contributes to improved production quality with no loss of performance.

Processing Modules

The PowerStrip 9580 is available in 4 basic configurations, combining processing with functional modules to cover a wide range of wire processing applications. All basic models can be retrofitted with other PowerSystem functional modules and options. The modules integrated in the basic models can also be retrofitted or replaced in the future if your application requirements change.


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