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Schleuniger - Cut & Strip Machine - MultiStrip 9480

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The MultiStrip 9480 family offers six machine versions to cover a wide range of applications and budgets. With many additional options and accessories the MultiStrip 9480 is the most versatile cut & strip platform on the market.

The fully programmable rotary incision unit (on MR, RS, RSX and RX versions) allows easy processing of high precision coaxial and multilayer applications. Additional features, such as our multiposition cutter head, create a nearly endless range of application possibilities. Each machine can be easily interfaced with Schleuniger’s vast line of integrated accessories to create a fully automatic wire processing production line.

Expand your capabilities
With features like our multiposition cutter head, application possibilities are nearly endless.

Maximize your productivity
Minimize your changeover time and maximize your production. Save time with fast and easy setups.

Simplify your programming
Each of the six machine versions featurea powerful control software. The unique programming concept will impress both experts and beginners.

Compatible with MES CAO via SMG Server and CAYMAN software.

Precision is our passion
Don‘t waste time and money on inaccurate wire processing. Be precise. At Schleuniger precision is our passion.


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