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Nutek - Traceability - Laser Marking Cell Series 5 - Standard Series

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Nutek - Traceability - Laser Marking Cell Series 5 - Standard Series

The Laser Marking Cell Series 5 (NTM5610-X) is specially designed to accurately mark PCB within a production line or as a stand alone system. A 3-axis galvo-head allows marking on large area (350 x 350 mm) without using a X-Y gantry, thus resulting in short cycle time for large number of markings. The user friendly Windows based software allows easy programmable marking position and number of markings. Double sided marking is achievable with an optional integrated inverting unit.

This unit is used to mark text, barcode, 2D code & graphic onto PCBs.

Key Features

  • 10 Watt CO2 (Class 4)
  • Class 1 laser protected housing
  • Air cooling system
  • Fume extraction device
  • User friendly software
  • Short cycle time
  • Selectable by-pass operation
  • Automatic width adjustment conveyor
  • PCB side clamping
  • Short product change-over time
  • Industrial PC & 21.5” LCD monitor
  • Integrated inverting unit for double-sided marking (Optional)
  • Barcode scanner or camera for readability check (Optional)
  • SMEMA compatible
Technical Specifications

Laser Marking Cell Series 3

Laser Marking Cell Series 5

Marking Area105 × 105 mm per position
460 × 460 mm total coverage
350 x 350 mm total coverage
Cell Size≥ 0.127 mm≥ 0.195 mm
Laser Wave Length10.63 um10.63 um
Conveyor speed24 m/min.24 m/min.
PCB transfer time士 6 secs≤ 6 seconds
PCB Width65 - 460 mm65 - 460 mm
PCB Length80 - 508 mm80 - 508 mm
Power Source100, 230VAC 1 Ph100, 230VAC 1Ph
Power Consumption1660VA max.1600VA max.
Air Pressure5 bar5 bar
Air Consumption20 Itr/min. max.20 It/min. max.
Available Model

Model No.


Machine Dimension (mm) Lx W x H

Fixed Point to Front Dimension (X)

Weight (Approximately)



850 × 1558 × 1752

236 mm

640 kg

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