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Nutek - Traceability - Laser Marking Cell Series 3 - Standard Series

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Nutek - Traceability - Laser Marking Cell Series 3 - Standard Series

Nutek - Laser Marking Cell Series 3 unit is used to mark text, barcode, 2D code & graphic onto PCBs.

The Laser Marking Cell Series 3 (NTM5510-X) is specially designed to accurately mark PCB within a production line or as a stand alone system. The PCB is locked in its marking position while the CO2 laser is moved using servo controlled X-Y axis. The user friendly Windows based software allows easy programmable marking position and number of markings. Double sided marking is achievable with an optional integrated inverting unit.
  • 10 Watt CO2 (Class 4)
  • Class 1 laser protected housing
  • Air cooling system
  • Fume extraction device
  • User friendly software
  • Digitally controlled linear axis for x & y movements
  • Selectable by-pass operation
  • Automatic width adjustment conveyor
  • PCB side clamping
  • PCB lifting system for constant focal point
  • Short product change-over time
  • Barcode scanner or camera for readability check
  • Industrial PC & 21.5” LCD monitor
  • Integrated inverting unit for double-sided marking (Optional)
  • SMEMA compatible
Technical Specifications

Laser Marking Cell Series 3

Marking Area105 × 105 mm per position
460 × 460 mm total coverage
Cell Size≥ 0.127 mm
Laser Wave Length10.63 um
Conveyor speed24 m/min.
PCB transfer time士 6 secs
PCB Width65 - 460 mm
PCB Length80 - 508 mm
Power Source100, 230VAC 1 Ph
Power Consumption1660VA max.
Air Pressure5 bar
Air Consumption20 Itr/min. max.
Available Model

Model No.


Machine Dimension (mm) Lx W x H

Fixed Point to Front Dimension (X)

Weight (Approximately)



850 × 1645 × 1380

330 mm

700 kg

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