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Nordson March - Plasma Treatment - FlexTRAK-SHS

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Nordson March - Plasma Treatment - FlexTRAK-SHS 

Industry-Leading Throughput and Reliability
Built upon Nordson MARCH’s patented plasma technology, the FlexTRAK®-SHS is our latest fully automated plasma system incorporating a high-capacity F3-S chamber, to provide high uniformity and increased productivity. The chamber architecture remains the same as the smaller FlexTRAK platform, providing a seamless transition between chambers as production demands more capacity. 

Key Features:
Industry-Leading Throughput

  • Large capacity F3-S process chamber
  • Simultaneous strip buffering and processing
  • Advanced automation and magazine splitting capabilities

New Product Development

  • Advanced material handling
  • Ability to accommodate increasingly larger strip sizes
  • Sophisticated jam detection

Application Flexibility

  • Plasma chamber effectiveness
  • Configurable process chamber
  • Versatile treatment modes

Key Applications:

  • Pre-wire bond plasma treatment on semiconductor package substrates and lead frames
  • Pre-underfill plasma treatment on flip chip packages 
  • Pre-mold plasma treatment on semiconductor package substrates and lead frames
  • Plasma treatment of semiconductor package substrates and lead frames for improved adhesion 
  • Removal/reduction of oxidation on lead frame
Technical Specifications:

W x D x H – Footprint

2314 x 1935 x 1787 mm (2293 H mm with light tower)
91.1 x 76.2 x 70.5 in (90.3 H in with light tower)

Net Weight

1305 kg (2,871 lbs)

Chamber Volume

F3-S chamber: 9.6 liters (585 in³)
F3 chamber: 5.5 liters (338 in³)

Powered Electrode Dimensions W x D

F3-S chamber: 305 x 610 mm (12 x 24 in)
F3 chamber: 305 x 305 mm (12 x 12 in)

RF Power: Standard Wattage

F3-S chamber: 1000 W
F3 chamber: 600 W

RF Power: Frequency

13.56 MHz

Gas Control: Maximum Number of MFCs



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