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Nordson March - Plasma Systems - SPHERE™ Series

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Nordson March - Plasma Systems - Sphere Series

SPHERE series systems support automated handling and processing of round or square wafer/substrate sizes ranging from 75mm to 300mm. In addition, thin wafer processing with or without carriers is possible, depending upon wafer thickness.

The patented plasma chamber design provides exceptional etch uniformity and process repeatability. Primary plasma applications include a variety of etching, ashing, and descum steps. Other plasma processes include contamination removal, surface roughening, increasing wettability, and enhancing bonding and adhesion strength, photoresist/polymer stripping, dielectric etch, wafer bumping, organic contamination removal, and wafer destress.

Wafer Cleaning – The SPHERE series plasma systems remove contamination prior to wafer bumping, remove organic contamination, remove fluorine and other halogen contamination, and remove metal and metal oxides. Plasma also improves spun-on film adhesion and cleans metallic bond pads.
Wafer Etching – Plasma systems descum wafer of residual photoresist and BCB, pattern dielectric layers for redistribution, strip/etch photoresist, enhance adhesion of wafer applied materials, remove excess wafer applied mold /epoxy, enhance adhesion of gold solder bumps, destress wafer to reduce breakage, improve spun-on film adhesion, and clean aluminum bond pads.
Technical Specification




W x D x H - Footprint

1405W x 26150 x 1742H mm (55W x 103D x 69H in)

Single Chamber werem: 1480W x 2700D x2180H mm (58W x 108D x 88H in)
Dual Chamber werem: 1480W x 2700D x2180H mm (58W x 106D x 88H in)
Quad Chamber w/ EFEM: 2695W x2700D x2190H mm (108W x106D x88H in)

Net Weight: Process Module

480 kg (1058 Ibs)
640 kg (1411 Ibs)

725 kg (1600 Ibs)
880 kg (1800 Ibs)

Maximum Volume

5.5 liters (338 in³)

11.7 liters (715 in³)

Variable Electrode Configurations

Power-Ground, Ground-Power, Power-Power

Power-Ground, Ground-Power, Power-Power

Gas Generators

Nitrogen, Hydrogen (Requires Additional Non-Optional Hardware)

Nitrogen, Hydrogen (Requires Additional Non-Optional Hardware)


Chiller, Scrubber

Chiller, Scrubber

Nordson MARCH is the global leader in advanced plasma surface treatment for semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing. Our expert staff of scientists and engineers design effective surface cleaning and activation, descum, ashing, desmear, and etchback solutions for leadframe and wafer-level packaging, and printed circuit board (PCB).

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