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Essemtec - SMD Pick and Place - Fox

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Fox - Smart-Sized Modular Pick-And-Place
Introducing - The Fox technology - for all types of components and devices. Expandable in any direction. The Fox can drive up to 200 feeder, illustrating its dedication to high-mix production. Due to its small footprint and reasonable weight, the machine is ideal for use in limited space production areas even those located on upper floors.

Key Features

Combined Process

  • Placing & dispensing in single pass-through
  • Jet dispensing of solder paste or glue


  • Up to 1000 - 18'800 cph per module
  • Up to 56400 cph per line (3 modules)

Small Footprint

  • Up to 200 feeder lanes on 1 sqm
  • Up to 420 feeder lanes per line

Mineral Cast

  • No vibration, symmetrical mineral casting
  • No warpage, no thermal drift

Quick Changeover

  • Nonstop production, intelligent smart feeder
  • Nonstop feeder and production changeover

Linear Motors

  • Fast, reliable double drive linear motors
  • No maintenance, longest lifetime

Technical Specifications

Fox 4

Fox 2


Productivity: optimum placement speed

18’800 cph (4-axes)

12’000 cph (2-axes)

7’000 cph (1-axis)

Productivity: optimum jetting speed


150‘000 Dots/h


Feeder Capacity 8 mm Tape

200 (140 inline)

180 (120 inline)

180 (120 inline)

Component Size Range


008004 (imp.) - 80 x 80 mm

(Note specs for constraints)

Placement accuracy (x, y)


Chip ± 40 μm (3σ) / QFP ± 30 μm (3σ)


Max. PCB dimensions


406 x 305 mm (16 x 12“)


Dimensions: machine footprint


880 x 1090 mm (34.7 x 43“)



    Essemtec Application - Puma and Fox on the hunt
    Application clip of our Pick-and-Place "beasts" Fox and Puma. All Scenes from our product videos raw in real-time. No fast-forward, no effects, no post stabilisation.

    Essemtec leads the industry in adaptive SMT pick-and-place equipment for both high-speed- and micro-dispensing, as well as an intelligent production storage and logistic systems. Our products are equipped with user-friendly software packages, enabling flexible mounting and dispensing design that is unique in the market, as well as extensive and efficient material management. The combination of printed circuit board (PCB) placement accuracy, speed, and high-quality engineering makes our offerings unique. Equipped with the most up-to-date technology, Essemtec products allow easy programming and operation for a wide range of applications.


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