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VJ Electronix - Rework System - Summit 750i


VJ Electronix - Rework Micra

The cost-effective and high performance solution to your rework needs. The Summit 750i is capable of handling boards up to 18"x22” and components as small as 0201. Built with easy-to-use 1-2-3-GO software, operation of this rework system is simple and intuitive. Efficient convection heating provides high thermal throughput, uniformity, and a repeatable rework process. Proprietary software provides product traceability, profile analysis, and sharing of profiles between VJE systems.

Key Features:
•    Easy-To-Use Auto Profiling Software
•    Simple Component-to-Site Alignment
•    Repeatable Thermal Performance
•    MES Interface
•    Available Tooling for Any Surface Mount Component

Technical Specifications


0.002” (50µ) mean + 3o

Top Heater

1.6kW Focused Convection

Bottom Heater

4.0kW Convection Plenum

Field of View

2.0” (50mm) Square

Max. Board Size

18”X22” (455mm X 560mm)

Min. Component Size

0.100” (2.5mm)


CE mark


For further details, please refer to enclosed brochure.

 VJ Electronix was founded in 2003 as a new division of VJ Technologies, a leading global provider of X-ray inspection solutions, to focus on the Electronics Manufacturing industry. Since 2003, VJ Electronix has grown into a global leader of X-ray-based Component Counting, X-ray Inspection and Circuit Board Rework systems for the Electronics Manufacturing industry winning industry awards in almost every year since its inception.


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