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SEO - Contact Angle Analyzer- Phoenix (Portable)

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SEO - Contact Angle Analyzer- Phoenix (Portable)

The Phoenix series is designed to offer the flexibility required for QA. R&D and engineering process development. The Phoenix is a quite simple and virtually any measure size without sample cutting sample cutting preparation. Light-weight means simple control device and simple handling. Phoenix adopted USB type camera. Easily connect to laptop and desktop computer with Surfaceware software.

Key Features

  • Software working on Windows 7/8/10 32bit
  • Preview function for rapidly capture image
  • Contact angle measurement range: 3- 180°
  • No required cutting sample
  • Data export to Microsoft Excel
  • Available to connect to notebook or desktop PC via USB port
  • Analysis of plasma treatment to increase the wettability of polymers surfaces
  • Adsorption / Wettability of powder and pharmaceutical products
Technical Specifications
Sample Size ( mm)Virtually Unlimited
Max. Measuring speed30 FPS
Light SourceLED
Contact Angle3° to 180°
Accuracy±0.1 °
Connecting TypeUSB
Operating SystemWindow 7/8/10
Dimension (mm)90 (H) excluding syringe height x90(W)x 50(D)

SEO (Surface Electro Optics) was established in 1998 and is taking the lead in analysis technoogy in Korea with many years of accumulated research and experience while concern and research about Nano-Technology Industry have increasing. SEO opened a new stage of Contact Angle Analysis Technology as a result of a lot of effort fot the localization of Surface Chemistry Analysis instrument. In addition, ever since the SEO Phoenix Series came into the market, we have been enjoying a very good reputation for quality and service. Sine SEO is based on the development of technology of our own the instruments we manufacture have more competivity price than those made by international companies and compare very favorably in quality. From this, we are striving to achieve the localization of analysis instruments and to open up new international markets. As you can see, SEO will accomplish the advanced develoment and the glovalization of domestic analysis technology with leading edge techniques and aggressive strategies in Surface Chemistry Analysis.

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