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Nordson EFD – Fluid dispensing Systems and Consumables

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In electronics manufacturing, adhesive or thermal conductive materials play a crucial role in attaching electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). This demands a high level of precision, from the properties of the adhesive (viscosity, ratio of mixture, size, quantity) to the control capabilities of the fluid dispenser equipment.

NordsonEFD fluid dispensers provide much greater control than the typical squeeze bottles, swabs, and hand syringes used in manual assembly processes.

  • High Precision Dispenser: Nordson EFD's fluid dispenser is designed and operated using compressed air to distribute fluids with high precision, thereby enhancing the load-bearing capacity and thermal resistance of electronic components.
  • Increased Production Efficiency: Thanks to its reliable accuracy, Nordson EFD's fluid dispenser optimizes the production process of assembling electronic circuit boards. Components are affixed uniformly, leading to reduced material waste and operational time.
  • Versatility in Applications: We offer a wide range of fluid dispensers that distribute virtually any assembly fluid - from thin solvents to thick silicones and brazing pastes - with the utmost precision. EFD solution is widely used, from the phone in your hand to LiDAR sensors in vehicles, and even medical devices in healthcare industry.

Jet Valve Systems

  • Improved product quality; more precise, accurate dispensing
  • Jetting, or non-contact dispensing, allows manufacturers to dispense small amounts of fluids at faster speeds without sacrificing accuracy. The results include reduced waste, rework, and rejects, and higher throughput yields

Valve Systems
  • Adjustable fluid flow control 
  • Unaffected by entrapped air in fluid , Zero dead fluid volume

Precision Fluid Dispensers

  • Improve process control with full operator lockout that prevents unauthorized changes 
  • Minimize cycle time and reduce operator fatigue

Automated Dispensing Systems

  • Quicker learning curve for operators; programming is easier, more visual
  • Produces more parts and reduces process time

Nordson EFD manufactures the highest quality dispensing Consumables, available in multiple styles, sizes, and materials

Nordson EFD is a division of Nordson Corporation, which is a global manufacturer of industrial equipment and technology solutions. Nordson EFD provides precision fluid dispensing solutions to make the products you use every day. We are a world-leading designer and manufacturer of precision dispensing and fluid packaging systems that apply accurate, consistent amounts of the adhesives, sealants, lubricants, and other assembly fluids used in virtually every manufacturing process. From the mobile device in your pocket to the LiDAR sensors in your car, and even life-saving medical devices, our solutions touch lives.


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