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Cool Clean - CO2 Spray Cleaning - Omega™ 4000 Integrated Module

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Cool Clean - CO2 Spray Cleaning - Omega™ 4000 Integrated Module
The Omega™ 4000 CO2 cleaning module provides powerful dry ice cleaning and surface preparation. The CO2 integrated spray is capable of quickly removing thin film, dust, and other surface contamination without damaging the part.

Uniquely designed, this compact cleaning unit comes in a stainless steel or powdercoated white frame. Test results have proven surfaces are prepared as good or better with the Omega™ 4000 than using etchants and dangerous solvents.

An optional, powerful combination of atmospheric plasma technology and integrated CO2 spray can be used to further break the bonds of tough organics. A final pass with CO2 spray removes the remaining debris, leaving a clean and high energy surface for bonding, coating, encapsulation, or under-fill processes.

Key Features

  • Selective submicron particle removal from Hard Disk Drive assemblies
  • Adhesive bonding with atmospheric plasma and CO2
  • Cleaning with non-contact surface inspection
CO2 Cleaning for Automated Paint Lines
Precision Cleaning and Machining Utilizing CO2
CO2 Cleaning of Light Oils with Fine Spray


Cool Clean Technologies designs and manufactures CO2 based technologies for a wide range of applications.  Cool Clean was founded in 2001 and established headquarters in Eagan, MN. Cool Clean’s products use CO2 in all phases for cleaning, surface preparation, machine tool cooling, and CO2 extraction.

Today, Cool Clean’s CO2 technology is used in many industries such as automotive paint pretreatment, hard disk drive, medical device manufacturing, aerospace, and electronics component manufacturing.


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