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AMADA - Laser Micromachining - Delta Laser Micromachining System


Delta Laser Micromachining Systems 

Delta Laser Micromachining Systems are most commonly integrated with galvanometer scan heads and femtosecond lasers, which provide the best material removal quality, with minimal-to-no thermal defects, and the highest degree of process stability and precision. With options in IR, green, and in special cases, UV, wavelengths, femtosecond lasers provide the optimal processing capability for nearly any material, including metals and metal alloys, polymers, ceramics, and glasses.  For processes that benefit from other types of laser sources, the Delta Laser Micromachining System can also be configured with a range of fiber, DPSS nanosecond green or UV, CO2, and picosecond lasers, selected specifically for your application.

Key Features

  • Femtosecond lasers in IR, green, or UV wavelength for optimal machining performance
  • Fiber, DPSS nanosecond green or UV, CO2, or picosecond lasers optional available
  • Optional rigid steel frame and fully vibration-isolated granite processing platform
  • Laser processing of materials including metals, alloys, polymers, ceramics, and glasses
  • Micro-machining, -milling, -drilling, surface texturing, scribing, marking, and ablation capabilities
  • Standard galvanometer scan head with multiple lens options
  • Fixed-optic focus head options
  • Multi-axis scan head option for complex geometries
  • Control software with graphical user interface tailored to the application
  • Off-axis and through-the-lens vision options
  • Sensitive optical components contained in positive-pressure environment
  • Flexible multi-axis motion stage configurations
  • Process monitoring capabilities
  • Standard and custom tooling offerings
  • Debris and nano-particulate management
  • Robotic arm options for part loading and unloading
  • Application and machine operation training provide

Technical Specifications

Laser and Motion Parameters



Femtosecond laser; IR, green, or UV wavelengths

Picosecond laser; IR, green, or UV wavelengths

Picosecond laser; IR, green, or UV wavelengths

Fiber laser; IR wavelength

Fiber laser; IR wavelength

DPSS Nanosecond laser; Green or UV wavelengths

DPSS Nanosecond laser; Green or UV wavelengths

Focused Spot Size

< 10 µm achievable


Collets: 5C Levin D, ER16, ER25, ER40

Linear Axes

Accuracy/Repeatability: Up to +/- 0.4 µm | +/- 0.1 µm

Rotary Axes

Accuracy/Repeatability: Up to +/- 1 arcsec | +/- 0.5 arcsec

Linear Z-Axes

Accuracy/Repeatability: Up to +/- 1 µm | +/- 1 µm


Input power, dimensions and weight dependent on final system configuration.

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