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AIM – Solder Materials

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AIM – Solder Materials

AIM Solder’s advanced line of solder assembly materials consists of a wide variety of halogen-free, tin-lead and lead-free solder, including solder paste, liquid flux, cored wire, bar solder and more, on a global scale.

Manual & Robotic
Reliability, consistency and ease of use are key design criteria in the development of AIM’s manual and robotic soldering materials. AIM’s products are engineered for powerful performance and high reliability across a wide range of SMT application requirements. AIM offers a full line of wire solders in a wide variety of flux/alloy combinations as well as complementary products to ensure a void-free solder joint with minimal flux residues.


  • Promotes thermal transfer
  • Fast wetting/cycle times
  • Low spatter/odor/fuming
  • No skips/jams
  • J-STD-004A/B, JIS Z3197, IPC610 compliant

Reference model

  • Cored Solder Wire
  • Robotic Soldering: RX18 (No Clean)
  • Hand Soldering: CX18 (No Clean)

Paste Flux

  • Rework: NC217 Gel Flux (No Clean)

Wave & Selective

Constant evolution of wave and selective solder applications has led AIM to produce a vast selection of solder alloys and fluxes to serve the industry’s ever-growing performance, environmental and cost reduction demands. AIM’s R&D team has developed fluxes formulated to eliminate assembly obstacles including bridging, ICT and wetting. AIM fluxes are compatible with all solder alloys including SAC, low-silver and high reliability materials and are available in halogen-free, no clean, water soluble and RMA formulas.



  • First-class product reliability
  • Fast wetting/barrel fill
  • Low dross-high yield
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • J-STD-004A/B, JIS Z3197, IPC610 compliant

Reference model
Solder Bar

  • Lead-Free: SAC305 (Tin/Silver/Copper)
  • Lead: Sn63Pb37 (Tin/Lead)
  • Low/No Silver: REL61, Sn100C
  • High Reliability: REL22, REL61

Liquid Flux

  • Liquid/Wave: FX16 (No Clean)
  • Liquid/ Wave: WS715M (Water Soluble)

Reliability, consistency and value are the founding principles for every AIM solder paste. Developed to address every manufacturing challenge including void reduction, ultra-fine pitch print and harsh service environments. Available in no clean, water soluble and RMA formulations in high and low temperature alloy combinations for every industry sector including automotive, LED lighting, military and industrial electronics.


  • Low voiding on BTC, BGA, LED
  • Long print life/reduced paste consumption
  • Passes harsh SIR test requirements
  • Minimal post reflow residue
  • J-STD-004A/B, JIS Z3197/Z3284, IPC610 compliant

Reference model

Solder Paste

  • Lead-Free/ Standard Lead: M8 (No Clean)
  • Low void: V9 (No Clean)
  • Zero Halogen: H10 (No Clean)
  • Low temp: NC273LT (No Clean)
  • Water Soluble Paste: W20

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